Action Sports
Skateboard Grip Tape

Pres-On® Grip Tape is an industrial-strength product specially formulated for action sports, and specifically, skateboarding. With over 60 years of manufacturing and adhesive coating experience, Pres-On Grip Tape is the choice for skateboarders needing the perfect combination of grip, feel, and maximum deck adhesion.

Pres-On® Grip Tape

Product Features:

  • Provides aggressive surface grip with proprietary silicon carbide grit designed for skateboarding.
  • Proprietary surface liner is supple yet durable to cover all concavities and irregular surfaces and stand up to radical usage.
  • Specially formulated rubber-based adhesive designed for superior bonding for all surfaces and conditions.
  • Available in two sizes: 9” x 33” for Skateboards, and 11” x 48” for Longboards.

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