Custom Tape Rolls and Tape Slitting Services

Pres-On is a leading manufacturer of custom tape rolls for a variety of industries. Our customers start by choosing a material from our expansive catalog. Then, with the help of several different machine processes, Pres-On is able to produce a roll of material with a custom length and width that meet the exact specifications of every customer. These machine processes are rewind slitting, roll lathe slitting, bologna slitting, lever roll slitting, and precision slitting. To generalize, they are Pres-On’s tape slitting services.

To put simply, Pres-On’s slitting services use a precision process to transforms large rolls of material into smaller rolls.  At Pres-On, we call the large rolls a master roll and they can be made of various materials including neoprene, vinyl, or urethane foam. At the end of the process, our customers receive a roll of foam tape with a custom length and width.

Rewind Slitting

A custom width for any given roll of tape can be as small thin as 3/16″ of an inch to 63″ inches wide.

A custom length is harder to generalize because the capabilities of our machines are measured by the diameter of the roll instead of the length of material. Pres-On does this because a thirty-foot roll of neoprene that is an inch thick will be much larger than a thirty-foot roll of polyester that is a quarter inch thick.

Rewind Slitting

Rewind slitting begins by loading the master roll into the machine. The master roll is unwound and passes through a slitting mechanism. The mechanism has several blades that cut the material into separate strips. By adjusting the blades, the width of the end rolls can be customized. Afterwards, the strips are rewound into rolls of a new length and width.

Roll Lathe Slitting

Roll Lathe Slitting

Roll Lathe Slitting, or Bologna Slitting, is the process where the master roll is placed horizontally on a lathe. As the lathe spins, a circular blade cuts into the material.  The width of the strips can be adjusted to meet the customer’s specifications.

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