Photo Squares Kit
Pres-On® Photo Squares Kit

Make your own mounted photos and pictures for home, office, dormitory walls, or anywhere! Perfect for mounting photos of family, friends, pets – you name it. Square format works great for social media photos and the black frameless boards give any wall a stylish, contemporary-design look.

Photo Squares Kit

Kit Contents

4 – 8 x 8-in. squares of durable ¾-in. Gatorboard coated with Pres- On’s finest repositionable Self-Stick™ peel-and-stick adhesive.

16 – 1 x 1-in. double-sided foam mounting tabs (4 per board) to hang frameless boards to wall. The right amount of tack holds boards to most walls while allowing for moving or repositioning of photos without damaging paint.

5 – sheets of printer-compatible 8.5 x 11 photo paper.

1 – 7-in. Self-Stick™ black cardboard easel attaches to square board for desk or tabletop presentation.

Easy-to-follow instructions.

What you will need:
Craft razor knife

Mounting Instructions

Watch the “how-to” video on

1. Print your photo on your home printer using the kit-supplied photo paper or your own choice of paper. We recommend printing your image in an 8.125” x 8.125” square format. This will print it out a little oversized so you can crop an image and cover the 8”x8” board flush on all sides.

2. Cut along the top edge of photo only.

3. Use your fingernail to peel back 1/2″ (approx. the width of your pinky finger) of the adhesive liner along the top edge of the mounting board. Fold it back to expose only 1/2″ of adhesive coated board.

4. Keep your photo from contacting the exposed adhesive as you visually align the top edge of the photo with the top edge of the board where the adhesive is exposed. Do not press photo paper to exposed adhesive until you are perfectly aligned across the top edge, then press and adhere top edge to exposed mounting board.

5. Slowly peel back the liner paper with one hand while you simultaneously smooth the photo onto the adhesive board in a side-by side motion with your other hand. Apply your photo in a sweeping, side-by-side manner, to avoid creating air bubbles or wrinkles in the photo as you “walk” the print onto the board. Once completed, there should be slight, approximately 1/8-inch overhang on three sides of your board.

6. Trim any overhang flush to the mounting board’s edge using a clean and sharp razor or craft razor knife. Unfold and use your Photo Squares Kit box as a cutting surface so as to not scratch or damage your table or cutting area.

7. Apply your double-stick foam mounting tabs to each board. Peel one side and place in corners, four to a board.

8. After applying the mounting squares to your board, peel back adhesive liner on the wall-exposed side of the mounting squares and apply to wall. They are repositionable so you can change your arrangement as you see fit.

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