Pres-On Offers Free HVAC Sample Kit

Free Kit Bundles High-Quality Pres-On Tapes and Gasketing Solutions for HVAC Contractors and Distributors to Sample

ADDISON, IL, July 31, 2009 — For more than half a century, Pres-On has worked closely with the HVAC Industry to develop specialized products that securely bond metal-to-metal, seal joints and seams, dampen vibration and noise, and provide superior insulation. HVAC contractors turn with confidence to Pres-On curb tape, pipe wrap tape, air filter gaskets, flange gaskets, damper gasketing and Shur-Step® non-skid adhesive tape.

To better introduce HVAC contractors and distributors to its full line, Pres-On is now offering a free sample kit containing a wide variety of tapes and gaskets, technical literature and contact information. The kit lets customers appreciate first-hand Pres-On’s unique “wet” coating process that offers outstanding adhesive anchorage, while providing specific adhesive formulations resistant to temperature extremes, UV degradation and aging. Contractors are encouraged to take the samples on the jobsite to put them to the test.

To assure superior performance, Pres-On Curb Tapes are precision manufactured from a blend of closed cell neoprene, EPDM and SBR in a choice of soft, medium or hard densities. The tapes meet most standard specifications for closed cell stock, and pass FM VSS No. 302 for flammability. Versions are also available that meet UL-94 safety requirements.

About Pres-On

Headquartered in Bolingbrook, Illinois, Pres-On is an innovative manufacturer of custom adhesive coatings, gaskets, and laminations serving a wide-range of major industrial markets. Founded in 1949, Pres-On has been family-owned and operated for over 70 years.

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