Application Solution Expertise

Product knowledge speeds resolution

Whether you’re simply searching for the appropriate product, or working to overcome a unique application issue requiring in-depth assistance, you can rely on Pres-On’s technical experts to find the solution. We are able to resolve issues faster because we take the time to fully understand your product performance needs.

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Our Experts

We've been described as "nimble, adaptable, flexible, and innovative" by a long list of customers that features some of the world's leading companies. Our hands-on approach to resolving application challenges allow Pres-On representatives to develop an intimate familiarity with your project's unique requirements. Matching our product solutions with your application is more than our job–it's our passion. When we say, "Pres-On takes the shape of your challenge," we mean it.

Technical Team

Our experienced technical team is able to work from supplied drawings and specifications to develop new, custom products or determine economical improvements to your existing products, while taking your internal manufacturing processes and machinery requirements into consideration.


We continually research new adhesive formulas, techniques, and materials to create, and deliver cost-effective solutions. 100% of Pres-On’s adhesive formulations and product prototypes are created by our on-site chemists. We also perform research, design, development, and side-by-side lab testing activities in-house.

Sales Team

We have found that conducting face-to-face, in-factory consultations provide us with the best and fastest understanding of your end-use, application, and manufacturing process. During a Pres-On customer visit, we explain our offerings and capabilities, ask the important questions, and document all pertinent information necessary for our technical team to determine your final product solution.

Customer Care Support

WE LISTEN. With over 30 years of combined departmental experience, our customer care team is able to assess your needs, quickly and confidently make product recommendations, and answer order inquiries.

Because we house cutting-edge science, customer service, and a state-of-the-art manufacturing operation under one roof, we are afforded the unique opportunity to fully control the quality of projects, start-to-finish.

Our one-stop shop approach makes us a smart company to partner with.