Understanding Surface Energy of a substrate may be important when selecting the high bond adhesive. The surface energy of a substrate can be classified as High, Medium, or Low.


Low Surface Energy (LSE) are substrates that are more difficult for adhesive to stick.
For example: Teflon™ (PTFE), a polymer designed to have a “non-stick” surface, has a low surface
energy . These characteristics of Teflon ™ make it difficult for adhesive, even high bond tapes to stick.

High Surface Energy (HSE) are substrates that are much easier for an adhesives to bond. Many metals,such as stainless steel have a high surface energy, which allows for a higher energy bond.



Pres-On’s products do come with our high bond adhesive options for superior bonding to most all High Surface Energy & Medium Surface Energy substrates. We also have options for those lower surface energy substrates.

Rubber Adhesive: has a very high initial tack and has an excellent immediate bond that may be ideal
for lower surface energy substates. Recommended for powder coated surface.

Acrylic Adhesive: is a long lasting high bond tack. More time with pressure is needed complete the
adhesive bond to the lower surface energy substrates. The Acrylic Adhesive offers excellent long lasting performance, including outdoor and water seal applications.

Adhesive Primer: High Bond tapes may need an adhesive primer for Low Surface Energy substrates
that are “too slick” even for high bond tapes to adhere. Adhesive Tape Primers promote adhesion to
many difficult to stick to substrates.

Clean and Dry Surfaces: No matter what level Surface Energy, it is always important for tape adhesivesto be applied to a clean, dry, oil free surface, and at the recommended application temperature rangeto achieve the best adhesive bond possible.

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