Cutting Services and Pre-Cut Gaskets

PresOn offers multiple types of cutting services, each with their own unique advantages and limitations. Some of these services are rotary die-cutting, flatbed die-cutting, and kiss cutting. All these methods are great for producing unique, custom parts for a variety of applications. Below you will find more information about Pres-On’s die-cutting capabilities. However, if you’d rather speak with a Pres-On representative instead, you can always contact us

Rotary Die-Cutting

FOAM GASKET ADHEISVERotary diecutting is one of the most popular and versatile methods of diecutting. This process uses a cylindershaped die to cut, crease, and perforate our adhesive backed products. This method is wellsuited for largescale production runs, with the ability to quickly and easily produce high volumes of parts without sacrificing quality.

Rotary diecutting is capable of producing fully customized parts with complex shapes, intricate details, and precise tolerances. Additionally, the cylinders used in rotary diecutting can be replaced relatively quickly and easily when changing between different die designs. 

Pres-On’s can accommodate a variety of thin-gauge materials.  Our rotary die-cutting machines can run material with a maximum thickness of 1/4 inches. The roll or sheet can be from 1/2 inches to up to 16 inches in width.

Flatbed Die-Cutting

Flatbed diecutting, also known as stamping or a punch press, is a versatile process that can be used to cut complex shapes and intricate details in our adhesive backed products. This method uses a flatbed press with a die board and a flatbed die to precisely cut materials into complex shapes and sizes.

Furthermore, flatbed die-cutting is generally well-suited for low volume projects that require consistent cuts, as well as larger sized products. It is great for producing parts with high precision and accuracy, making it a popular choice for producing parts for industrial and commercial applications. Also, the precision and accuracy of flatbed die-cutting can make it a great choice for projects that require precise tolerances and intricate details.

The maximum sizes for Pres-On’s flatbed die-cutting machine are 38 inches to 54 inches.

Kiss-Cut Shapes

Pres-On Kiss Cut RollsKisscutting is a diecutting process that is used to cut a specific shape without cutting all the way through. This method is great for producing custom shapes while making use of as much of the material as possible. A vast majority of Pres-On custom made adhesive backed products are made with the kiss-cut method.

Furthermore, this kiss-cutting method is used to create our popular cork or foam separator pads for the glass and window industry.  Additionally, Pres-On’s kiss-cut shapes and parts can be removed from their backing with minimal effort.  

Also, similar to our other die-cutting machines, Pres-On’s can kiss-cut a variety of thin-gauge materials.  Our machines can run material with a maximum of 1/4 inches thick. The roll or sheet can be from 1/2 inches to up to 16 inches in width.

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