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Benefits of a Mylar Film Backing on Foam Tape

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If you’re looking for a strong, reliable, and durable tape for your next project, then you should consider Pres-On’s foam tape with a mylar film backing. Our specialized designed offers superior adhesion and long-term durability, making it the perfect choice for a variety of applications. 

What makes mylar film on the back of foam tape from Pres-On so special is its unique construction. The tape uses a layer of mylar, a durable plastic film, on the back of the foam. This provides an extra layer of strength and protection, making it less likely to stretch or tear. The use of mylar film is recommended when working with extremely pliable foams where tolerances are small. Our customers often request a mylar film when cutting foam tapes into gaskets or other shapes. Furthermore, it helps to ensure that the adhesive properties of the foam tape remain intact, providing superior adhesion and long-term durability. 

Whether you’re looking for a strong and reliable tape to use on your next project, Pres-On is an excellent choice. We can supply a variety of foam tapes and even add a mylar film backing. The unique construction and superior adhesion and durability of a foam tape with a mylar film backing can help ensure the shape of your foam stays consistent.

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