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Pres-On’s Wet Coat Adhesive Advantage

The Difference That Sticks

Pres-On uses an advanced, proprietary wet-coating process to apply adhesive to carrier materials.  In comparison, the industry standard practice is to laminate carriers with a double-sided adhesive tape or a transfer tape. The difference is that Pres-On provides a product with superior bonding properties that offers numerous advantages.

Unlike lamination, Pres-On’s wet coat adhesive provides a permanent bond that reduces the risk of peeling or delamination over time. The liquid adhesive is allowed to cure in all the valleys and crevices of the foam. It ensures an even bond without any air bubbles or uneven spots. Additionally, the foams are free to flex and conform to any substrate without being restricted by the film of a transfer tape.

Another standout feature that sets Pres-On’s wet coat adhesive apart is its ability to adhere to a wide range of materials. This versatility opens up new possibilities in industries such as packaging, electronics, automotive, and construction. Pres-On’s wet-coating process also achieves optimal adhesive anchorage for new, thinner, cost-effective materials as they continue to hit the market.

Another noteworthy advantage of Pres-On’s wet coat adhesive is its exceptional resistance to environmental factors. This adhesive is designed to withstand harsh conditions, from extreme temperatures to humidity, UV radiation, and chemical exposure. Lamination, on the other hand, is known to deteriorate over time, especially when exposed to these damaging elements. Pres-On’s wet coat adhesive ensures a durable bond making it ideal for outdoor applications or products that require long-term reliability.

Pres-On's wet coat adhesive before it settles and is applied to a carrier.

In short, Pres-On’s proprietary wet-coating process for applying adhesive offers numerous advantages over traditional lamination methods. Its permanent bond reduces the risk of peeling or delamination over time, while allowing flexibility and conformity to various substrates. The wet coat adhesive also has the ability to adhere to a wide range of materials, providing new possibilities in multiple industries. Moreover, it withstands environmental factors, ensuring durability and protection for outdoor applications or products that require long-term reliability. Pres-On’s wet coat adhesive sets a new standard in bonding properties, offering superior performance and versatility.

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