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Foam Tapes for Glass, Windows, & Doors

Foam Tapes and More for the Glass Industry

Pres-On is a trusted partner in the glass, window, and door industry, offering a comprehensive range of products to provide protection during shipping and weatherstripping. Pres-On’s high-quality materials and innovative solutions are designed to meet industry standards and address the specific needs and challenges of glass, window, and door installations. With a commitment to excellence, Pres-On equips glass, widnow, and door professionals with the tools they need. Trust Pres-On for exceptional products and unmatched expertise in the glass, window, and door industry.

Examples of Foam used in the Glass, Window, and Door Industry

Protective Shipping & Storage Products

Separator Pads

A separator pad is nonabrasive pad ideal for protecting glass and other breakable items from damage by absorbing vibration and reducing slippage during packaging, shipping, and installation. Pres-On offers several different options for separator pads typically made out of cork or polyethylene foam with a removable adhesive or static cling foam backing. 

Structural Glazing Tapes

General Purpose Mounting Tapes

Shower Door Tape

Muntin Bar Tape

Jamb & Threshold Gaskets

Jamb Foam / Window Wrap

Specifically designed to withstand long-term exposure to high temperature processing (autoclave), Pres-On Ultra High Temperature Labels are a premium performance, ultra removable, acrylic adhesive coated label stock. Ultra High Temp Labels are compatible with thermal transfer printing processes (100% resin ribbon required) and engineered for optimal adhesion throughout every step of the product supply chain.

Workplace Safety Products

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