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Foam Tapes for Hobbies, Crafts, & Photos

Foam Tapes and More for the Hobby, Craft, and Photo Industry

Pres-On is a trusted partner for hobbyists, craft enthusiasts, and professionals in the photo industry. They offer a wide range of self-stick mounting boards that make it easy to display and preserve artwork, photographs, and other cherished memories. With their needlework boards, needle crafters can securely mount and frame their projects. Pres-On also caters to the photography industry by providing high-quality materials for mounting and displaying photos, ensuring professional presentation and longevity. With their customizable sign solutions, businesses and individuals can create eye-catching displays for promotional purposes or personal use. With Pres-On’s commitment to excellence and industry standards, hobbyists, crafters, and photographers can rely on their products to bring their creative visions to life. Trust Pres-On for exceptional products and unmatched expertise in the hobby, craft, and photo industries, delivering quality and satisfaction in every project.

Examples of Products used in the Hobby, Craft, and Photography Industries

Graphic Display & Mounting Boards

General Purpose Mounting Tapes

High Bond Attaching, Fastening, & Mounting Tapes

Hook and Loop Fastening Tapes

Non-Skid Tapes

Decorative Felt

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