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Pres-On is a full service manufacturer and converter that addresses the entire spectrum of product finishing needs.


Single-knife slitters accommodate various materials and roll sizes (3/16" to 63" wide and up to 25" in diameter).

Foam Tape Long Length Spool

Spooling & Reeling

Spoolers and reelers accommodate plastic films, non-woven fabrics, composites, coated and uncoated paper, other coated products, laminates, adhesive tapes, and more.


Rewinders accommodate various roll sizes (maximum 63" payoff diameter to finished roll sizes of 6" to 43" in diameter).

Cap Liner Insertion

Our cap liner insertion machine is a state of the art automatic machine. Designed to line different size caps with a variety of industry leading cap liner materials.

Cap Liners in Bulk

Cap Liner Bulk

Pres-On pre-cuts cap liner materials. Over 100 different sizes and industry leading materials from heat induction foil seals to foam pressure seals to seal to all different types of bottles. Custom sizes and shapes available.

Rotary Die-Cutting

Rotary die-cutters accommodate a variety of thin-gauge materials (maximum 1/4" thick and roll or sheet widths of 1/2" up to 16").

Punch Press

Punch presses produce kiss-cut material on rolls, in pads, or individual die-cut pieces (maximum 38" x 54").

Lamination and Customization Services


Laminators accommodate simple two-layer laminations, as well as complex, multi-layer processes.

Manufacturing Capabilities

More than just a traditional converter of foam tapes and cap liners, Pres-On is a full-service manufacturer with the capability to take materials from the adhesive coating stage all the way through to converting and finished part processes. No more “middleman.” All of our jobs are coated and converted to order. Pres-On customers receive the latest advances in adhesive technology on their products.

Pres-On utilizes an advanced, proprietary wet-coating process to apply adhesive to carrier materials, resulting in products that provide superior bonding properties. Our coater utilizes heated, liquid adhesive to evenly and completely fill every peak and valley of a material’s surface. Depending on the material’s porosity, we layer on additional adhesive — totaling 3.0 mils max — to achieve maximum adhesive anchorage. Pres-On’s wet-coating process also achieves optimal adhesive anchorage for new, thinner, cost-effective materials as they continue to hit the market.

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Pres-On is a Manufacturer of Foam Tape Products and Cap Liners