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Manufacturing Capabilities and Product Mediums

Tape Rolls

Pres-On can manufacture high-quality tape rolls. Rolls can be delivered with a width as thin as 3/16”. Roll length can vary based on the thickness and type of the material. Pres-On ensures precise and consistent cutting and shaping of foam tapes during the production process. Whether for sealing, cushioning, or bonding applications, Pres-On’s foam tape rolls offer durable and reliable solutions for various industries. With a commitment to product excellence, Pres-On continues to be a leading provider of foam tape rolls that meet the diverse needs of its clients.


Die-Cut Separate

Die-cutting is a manufacturing process that involves cutting various materials into specific shapes. During the die-cutting process, the die is pressed onto the material with enough force to cut all the way through. This ensures that both the main material and any liner paper attached to it are cleanly and accurately cut. Once the die-cutting is complete, we are left with separate individual pieces. Multiple die-cut pieces can be produced from a single roll of material. Die-Cutting separate pieces provides efficiency, versatility, and cost-effectiveness, making die-cut separate parts a desirable option for a wide range of industries.

Kiss Cut Roll

A kiss-cut roll is a variation of die-cutting where the cuts are made on the material but do not fully penetrate the liner paper. The cutting process involves a careful balance of pressure and depth, allowing the die to cut through the material without cutting through the liner paper. This results in the creation of custom kiss-cuts on a roll, wherein the individual pieces remain attached to the liner paper. This provides convenience and organization, as it keeps all the kiss-cut parts neatly contained in a roll. Depending on the specific requirements or preferences of the user, Pres-On can either remove the waste webbing of the roll or leave it intact. This flexibility allows for tailoring the kiss-cut roll to each customer’s needs and simplifies the application or distribution of these kiss-cut parts.

Common Core

A common core is when material slit into multiple tape rolls onto a shared core. The common core allows for efficient handling and storage of the tape rolls with materials that are cut to a thin width. Thin tapes have a higher tendency to unravel or collapse during transportation or storage. However, the common core provides essential support to prevent this collapsing. By keeping the sides of the tape supported and secured, the common core ensures that the tape remains intact and ready for use. This makes them an ideal choice for a variety of industries, including manufacturing, packaging, and logistics.

Long Length Spools

Pres-On excels in manufacturing long length spools that are ideal for automatic processes. With a focus on efficiency and precision, the company utilizes cutting-edge machinery and techniques to create foam spools with consistent dimensions and smooth surfaces. These long length spools facilitate seamless integration into automated production lines, allowing for efficient and uninterrupted manufacturing processes. Additionally, Pres-On’s foam spools are designed to minimize waste and optimize usage, making them cost-effective solutions for industries requiring high-volume production. Spool length can vary based on the thickness and type of material. With thinner and compressible material a spool can be as long as 10,000 ft.

Nested Kits

Pres-On offers the capability to create nested kits, which involves arranging complex shapes and intricate designs in a way that allows them to fit together within a single kit. Nesting involves strategically positioning the individual components within the kit to optimize space and maximize efficiency. Furthermore, nested kits ensure efficient assembly or usage of the components. By integrating multiple parts into a single kit, it becomes easier to locate and access the required components during the assembly process. Nested kits also contribute to improved organization and inventory control. With all the components consolidated in one place, it becomes easier to track and manage inventory levels. 


Pres-On provides custom lamination services. Pres-On laminators can handle both simple two-layer laminations and complex multi-layer processes. Furthermore, Pres-On’s laminators are capable of laminating various materials to foam, offering versatility in the lamination process. For example, Pres-On can laminate felt, foil, and other custom materials to foam. Whether it involves attaching fabric to foam for soft and comfortable surfaces or combining different substrates for specialized applications, Pres-On has the expertise to create unique and tailored laminated products.

Master Roll

Pres-On understands the diverse needs of convertors and other customers who prefer to handle the conversion process themselves. To cater to these requirements, Pres-On offers the option of long length master rolls of material. A master roll refers to a large-sized roll that contains a considerable quantity of the desired material, providing convertors with the flexibility to customize and convert it according to their specific application needs. By offering long length master rolls, Pres-On enables convertors and customers to have greater control over the conversion process.

Foam Sheets

Pres-On offers a range of adhesive-backed and plain sheets of custom materials. These sheets can have square or rounded corners. With their versatile nature, these sheets find extensive use in various industries and environments. Common applications include non-slip sheets for steps and ladders, matting for workplaces, gap filling, and vibration control. 

Custom Gaskets and Shapes

Pres-On can produce custom foam parts with a wide range of complex shapes and intricate designs. Pres-On’s gaskets can be customized to meet your required size, shape, and material. This can be especially advantageous when working with irregular or unconventional spaces or require gaskets with intricate designs. 

Technical Design Drawings

Technical drawings serve as the blueprint for any manufacturing process, providing detailed instructions on dimensions, tolerances, and design features. Pres-On understands the critical importance of correctly interpreting these drawings to ensure the accuracy and precision of their custom products. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of engineering principles, the team at Pres-On meticulously examines each technical drawing, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of every aspect.

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