P4200 Series Polyethylene Foam Tapes are cross-linked, closed-cell polyethylene foam tapes for general purpose use. Coated on both sides with a high-tack, rubber-based permanent adhesive with outstanding grab on wide range of materials. These tapes offers long term bonding that stands up to UV damage and weather, even on irregular or uneven surfaces.


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Standard Roll SizeSerial NumberThicknessLength
All rolls available in widths from
1/8” to 54”
Adhesion PropertiesTestTypical PerformanceTest Method
Loop Tack115 oz/in typicalTLM1 LIB1
Adhesion to Steel @ 72°F
- Steel immediate7 lbs/in width or foam tearPSTC-1
- Steel after 24 hrs8 lbs/in width or foam tearPSTC-1
Adhesion to Steel, 20 minute dwell10 lbs/in width minimumPSTC-1
Static Shear @ 72°F, 1” x 1”, 500 gmsIndefinitePSTC-7
Static Shear @ 72°F, 1” x 1”, 1000 gms500 hours minimumPSTC-7
Optimal Application Temperature50°F to 80°FPres-on PTM-1
Optimal Application Temperature45°F to 80°FPres-On PTM-1
Functional Temperature-20°F to 150°FPres-On PTM-2
Shelf Life1 year
Physical PropertiesPropertyTest Method1/8” & 1/16” Tape1/32” Tape
DensityASTM D-3574-813.6 -4.45.4 - 6.6
Compression Strength (psi 25%)ASTM D-3574-8110 - 1316 - 35
Tensile Strength (psi)ASTM D-3574-8170 - 78127 - 130
Elongation at Break (%)ASTM D-3574-81180 - 182200 - 220
Tear Resistance (psi)ASTM D-3574-8115 - 1825 - 35
Compression Set (% of original thickness)ASTM D-3574-8116 - 1810 - 12

Double sided PE Foam Tape

  • Cross-linked, closed cell, double coated foam tape
  • Coated with high-tack pressure sensitive rubber adhesive
  • Excellent flexibility with conformability to uneven surfaces
  • Resists damage from weather and chemicals
  • Ideal for replacement of liquid sealant

General purpose, high-performance tape for bonding, cushioning, dampening of noise, shock, and vibration. Provides barrier to moisture, gas, dust and vapors. Used in window glazing and door manufacturing, among many other applications.

  • Window Glazing
  • Weather Stripping
  • Door Gasketing

Application Notes

Thoroughly clean contact surface before use. Once P4200 has been applied, it cannot be removed and reused. Therefore, position P4200 carefully, assuring that it is in contact with all surfaces. If P4200 is misaligned, remove used unit, discard and repeat application with new unit. Test product for system compatibility as individual application conditions can impact results. Pres-On does not assume any responsibility or liability for any advice furnished by it, or for the performance or results of any installation or use of the product(s) or any final product into which the product(s) may be incorporated by the purchaser and/or user. The purchaser and/or user should perform its own tests to determine the suitability and fitness of the product(s) for the particular purpose desired in any given situation.

  • Release Liner: Brown Kraft Paper
  • Custom die-cut shapes