Pres-On SG6400 Series Medium Density Structural Glazing Tapes are composed of black, open cell urethane foam coated with UV resistant, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive on both sides. This high-performance product is ideal for weatherproofing and thermal insulating.


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Standard Roll SizesSerial NumberThicknessLength
All rolls available in widths from 3/16” to 54” SG64121/8”50’
Adhesion PropertiesTestTypical PerformanceTest Method
Loop Tack60 oz/in typicalTLM1 LIB1
Adhesion @ 72°F to the following
- Steel, immediate2.5 lbs/in widthPSTC-1
- Steel, after 48 hours3.5 lbs/in width or foam tearPSTC-1
- Aluminum, immediate2.5 lbs/in widthPSTC-1
- Aluminum, after 48 hours3.0 lbs/in width or foam tearPSTC-1
- Glass, immediate2.0 lbs/in widthPSTC-1
- Glass, after 48 hours3 -5.0 lbs/in width or foam tearPSTC-1
- Powder Paint, immediate2.0 lbs/in widthPSTC-1
- Powder Pain, after 48 hours3 -5.0 lbs/in width or foam tearPSTC-1
Static Shear @ 72°F 1 x 1 x 500 gramsindefinitePSTC-7
Static Shear @ 72°F 1 x 1 x 1000 grams1000 hours minimumPSTC-7
Water and Humidity ResistanceexcellentPres-On PTM-3
Application Temperature45°F to 120°FPres-On PTM-1
Service Temperature40°F to 180°FPres-On PTM-2
Shelf Life1 year stored at room temperature
Physical PropertiesPropertyTest MethodUnit of MeasureResult
DensityASTM D 3574lb/ft220
HardnessASTM D2240Shore A30
ASTM D1056Shore 0078
Tensile StrengthASTM D3574psi150 (min)
-kPa1034 (min)
ElongationASTM D3574%120 (min)
Tear StrengthASTM D624lb/in25 (min)
-kN/m4.4 (min)
Compression Set
(50%-22 hrs @ 73°F)
ASTM D1056%3 (max)
Compression Force
Deflection 25%
ASTM D35742psi19-25
@ 25%
ASTM D35742psi30-50
FlammabilityFMVSS-302: Pass (0.63 or Thicker)1

  • High-strength polyurethane foam substrate is chemically compatible with all silicones tested to ASTM C1087*
  • Semi-rigid foam acts as a spacer for structural glazing systems
  • Exhibit high initial adhesion, speeding on-site fabrication
  • Open cell urethane foam allows for optimum silicone curing
  • Certified no color change or staining after independent testing*
  • Resist temperature variations, fungi, oxidation and discoloring with age
  • Adhere to bare metal, glass, and painted surfaces
  • Reduce heat transfer, improves wall performance, and can support LEED points

*List of manufacturers and silicones tested available upon request. Refer to silicone manufacturer for compatibility information. Each project should be individually lab tested to confirm compatibility between Pres-On SG6400, structural silicone, and all other adjacent materials.