Pres-On U6100 Series is Poron® Polyurethane Foam.  Urethane Foam Tapes are composed of a uniform, medium/soft density, open cell foam coated with high-tack, pressure sensitive, acrylic adhesive. The dimensional stability of U6100 allows for easy handling during device rework.

Available with Mylar film support as Pres-On’s U6300 Series.


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Standard Roll SizeSerial NumberThicknessLength
All rolls available in widths from 3/16” to 54”U61061/16"100'
Physical PropertiesTest Method.06" to .125" THICK.18" to .38"
DensityASTM D-357420 lbs/cu ft15 lbs/cu ft
Durometer12 Shore A,
55 Shore OO
8 Shore A,
51 Shore OO
Tensile StrengthASTM D-3574> 75 psi> 40 psi
ElongationASTM D-3574 Test E, % min100%100%
Tear StrengthASTM D-264-91 Die CMin.: 5 pli. Typical: 12 pliMin.: 3 pli. Typical: 9 pli
Compression Deflection (psi) 25% Deflection0.51 cm/min (0.2"/min) Strain
Rate Force measured @ 25%
11 psi5 psi
Compression Set 50% (23°C)ASTM D-3574-95 Test D5%5%
Compression Set 50%(70°C)ASTM D-3574-95 Test D10%10%
Autoclave then 50% (70°C)ASTM D-3574-95 Test J/Test D5%5%
Temperature Range
-Continuous Use Range:-40°Fto194°F
-Intermittent Use Maximum:250° F
Flammability RatingMVSS302
CSA Comp HBF (File 188149)
Adhesion PropertiesTestTypical PerfomanceTest Method
Adhesion to Steel @ 72°F
- Steel immediate2.5 lbs/in width or foam tearPSTC-1
- Steel after 24 hours4.0 lbs/in width or foam tearPSTC-1
Adhesion to Steel, 15 minute dwell4.3 - 6.4 lbs/inchPSTC-1
Adhesion to Steel, 24 hour dwell6.0 lbs/inchPSTC-1
Shear 1” x 1”, 500 gms1000 hoursPSTC-7
Shear 1” x 1”, 1000 gms200 hoursPSTC-7
Optimal Application Temperature50°F to 80°FPres-On PTM-1
Functional Temperature0°F to 225°FPres-On PTM-2
Water and Humidity ResistanceExcellentPres-On
Shelf Life1 year stored at room temperature
Foam Cross Reference
Pres-On U6100Roger Poron® 4701-40, Soft



Foam Technical Specifications is supported by Roger Corporation’s Poron technical data. Any update or revised technical data by Roger Corporation will supersede the above Pres-On technical data sheet .

An available alternative to Poron® is Pres-On EPDM foam, P9100 Series

  • Provide high initial tack and a secure, permanent bond
  • Resist compression set
  • Exhibit excellent dimensional stability
  • Provide cushioning and impact protection
  • Prevent the permeation of air, dust, and light
  • Resist moisture and chemicals
  • Eliminate “window float” or “creep”

U6100 Series Urethane Foam Tapes are ideal for adhering to plastic, metal, and powder painted surfaces in door and filter gasketing applications.

  • Gap Filling
  • Battery Pads
  • Air Filters
  • Door Gasketing
  • Weather Stripping
  • Water-proofing
  • Electronic Devices
  • Rubber Feet
  • Appliances
  • Mobile Devices
  • Medical Devices
  • Vibration / Noise Dampening
  • Shock Absorption

Application Notes

Ensure bonding surfaces are well unified, clean, dry and free of dirt and oils. Apply firm and even pressure to improve adhesive-to-surface contact. Allow proper temperature and time to enhance bond strength as adhesive flows onto the surface.

  • Release Liner: Brown Kraft Paper
  • Custom die-cut shapes