Foam Tapes

VF5400 Series PVC Foam Tapes are used within transportation, automotive, appliance, construction, HVAC, retail, and general assembly industries for weatherproofing and sealing out light, air, dust, and moisture.


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Standard Roll SizeThickness (Inch)
All rolls have standard width of 52 inches, custom widths available1/16” to 3/4”
Adhesion PropertiesTestTest MethodTypical Value
180° Peel AdhesionASTM D-1000
Stainless Steel, 20 minute dwell
50 oz/inch width
180° Peel AdhesionASTM D-1000
Stainless Steel, 24 hour dwell
75 oz/inch width
180° Peel AdhesionASTM D-1000
Polypropylene, 20 minute dwell
25 oz/inch width
Loop Tack(TLMI)
Stainless Steel
40 oz/inch
Adhesive Failure
Static ShearPSTC #7 Stainless Steel
(1”x1”x1000g), 1-minute dwell
7 hours
Cohesive Failure
Density (lbs/cu ft)7111575.5-9.0
Shore Hardness “00”2543532520-40
Force to Compress3.6 psi7.0 psi10.2 psi3.6 psi2.0-4.0 psi
Compression Deflection1.3 psi4.0 psi6.0 psi1.3 psi0.5-2.5 psi
Water Absorption
Tensile Strength30 psi40 psi70 psi30 psi15 psi
Elongation (%)19015015019050

  • Firm density, closed cell polyvinyl chloride foam
  • Seal out light, air, dust, and moisture
  • Cushion against vibration and noise
  • Resist most solvents, chemicals, and UV
  • Offer a cost-effective solution for a wide range of industry uses
  • Door Gasketing
  • Air Filters
  • Inlets
  • Roof Curb
  • Log Home Seals

Application Notes

Ensure bonding surfaces are well unified, clean, dry and free of dirt and oils. Apply firm and even pressure to improve adhesive-to-surface contact. Allow proper temperature and time to enhance bond strength as adhesive flows onto the surface.

  • Release Liner: White Paper
  • Custom die-cut shapes