• Foil Lined, with Polystyrene foam backing, coated with torque-activated adhesive
  • Requires no heat induction equipment
  • Seals to most container materials with varying degrees of adhesion
  • Single-use foam seal peels easily from container
  • Indicates tamper evidence
  • Recommended for sealing dry products

Products Details

  • Technical Specs

Material: Foil with Polystyrene Backing

Adhesive: Torque-activated

Standard Diameters: 15mm – 125mm

Standard Thickness: 0.020

Recommended for Dry Products Only

Pressure seals DO NOT require induction sealing machinery.

Pres-On’s cap liner materials and size offerings are compatible for most bottle & cap sizes/designs, and products, however it remains the responsibility of the end user to confirm if the liner is suitable for the intended use