Pres-On T200 Textured Thermoplastic Rubber Matting Tape provides traction and prevents slipping. Extremely wear resistant for heavy commercial and industrial usage. Cleans easily and stays firmly in place. Available in thermoplastic rubber with acrylic adhesive. Dense composition deadens workplace noise. Also resists oils, chemicals, and grease.


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Standard Roll SizesSerial NumberThickness (Inch)Length (Feet)
All rolls available in widths from 1/4” to 54”T-2001/16”50’
Adhesive PropertiesTestTypical PerformanceTest Method
Adhesion to Steel @ 72F
Steel immediate3.5 lbs/in width or foam tearPSTC-1
Steel after 24 hrs7.0 lbs/in width or foam tearPSTC-1
Polystyrene immediate5.0 lbs/in width or foam tearPSTC-1
Polystyrene after 24 hrs7.0 lbs/in width or foam tearPSTC-1
Powder paint immediate3.5 lbs/in width or foam tearPSTC-1
Powder paint after 24 hrs7.0 lbs/in width or foam tearPSTC-11
Shear @ 72F, 1” x 1”, 500 gmsindefinitePSTC-7
Shear @ 72F, 1” x 1”, 1000 gms200 hours minimumPSTC-7
UV ResistanceExcellentPres-On PTM-4
Optimal Application Temperature45F to 80FPres-On PTM-1
Service Temperature-20F to 200FPres-On PTM-2
Water and Humidity ResistanceExcellentPres-On PTM-3
Shelf Life1 year stored at room temperature
HardnessD2240Shore A65
Melt IndexD1238G/10 Min.2.1
Tensile StrengthD412PSI
Machine Direction620
Transverse Direction780
100% ModulusD412PSI
Machine Direction450
Transverse Direction390
Machine Direction220
Transverse Direction290
Flexural ModulusD790PSI2520
Flextural StrengthD790PSI120
Tear StrengthD624lb/in
Machine Direction168
Transverse Direction187
  • Textured matting constructed of thermoplastic rubber
  • Slip resistant, deadens noise
  • Ideal for safety flooring or for use on work benches
  • Easy to clean

Pres-On T200 Textured Thermoplastic Rubber Matting Tape is extremely versatile and can be used in variety of workplace situations, including on step stools, running boards, trim, work tables, lockers, counters, and hundreds of other applications.

  • Non-Skid Flooring
  • Stair Treads
  • Work Benches
  • Ladder Rungs
  • Step Stools
  • Running Boards
  • Work Tables
  • Lockers
  • Counters

Application Notes

Thoroughly clean contact surface before use. Once tape has been applied, it cannot be removed and reused. Therefore, position tape carefully, assuring that it is in contact with all surfaces. If tape is misaligned, remove used unit, discard and repeat application with new unit. Test product for system compatibility as individual application conditions can impact results.

  • Release Liner: Brown Kraft Paper
  • Custom die-cut shapes