Spooling: Long Length Foam Tape Spooling


For many years, Pres-On has been offering customizable solutions such as long length foam tape spools. Up to 4,000 feet long!  We offer a variety of different thickness, width, and length combinations. We can customize the diameter and roll width to work with your machine set up.

Please contact Pres-On today if you have any needs for long length spools of foam tapes.





Spools of Foam Tapes


About Pres-On

Headquartered in Bolingbrook, Illinois, Pres-On is an innovative manufacturer of custom adhesive coatings, gaskets, and laminations serving a wide-range of major industrial markets. Founded in 1949, Pres-On has been family-owned and operated for over 70 years.

Foam Tapes, Cap Liners, Foam Gasketing, Spools, Cap Liner Insertion, Neoprene Foams, Open Cell Foams, Closed Cell Foams, Specialty foam tape rolls…and more adhesive backed products.