Pres-On’s P8500 and P8500E Series Open Cell Foam Gasketing Tapes are flexible, single side coated with high-tack, permanent pressure sensitive adhesive. These tapes exhibit a superior balance of tack, peel, and holding power on a wide variety of surfaces. Available in several thicknesses, P8500 is cost-effective, resists water and moisture, has very good air permeability, and remains flexible over a long period of demanding usage.

  • 1/8″ to 1″ thick (standard)
  • Custom widths
  • Rolls or Long Length Spools
  • Die Cut Gasketing

Products Details

  • P8500 Series
  • P8500E Series

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P8500 Series – Open Cell Polyester Foam

Charcoal Color

Thick Foam Tape

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P8500E Series – Open Cell Polyether Foam

Gray Color

Soft Foam Tape