Foam Tape

Pres-On S800 Series Silicone Foam Tapes are constructed of a medium density silicone foam coated with pressure sensitive silicone adhesive. These tapes are UL recognized for their flame retardancy and gasketing properties.


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Standard Roll SizesSerial NumberThicknessLength
All rolls available in widths from 1/8” to 54S803 (silicone adhesive)1/32”60’
S806 (silicone adhesive)1/16”60’
S809 (silicone adhesive)3/32”60’
S812 (silicone adhesive)1/8”60’
S818 (silicone adhesive)3/16”40’
S825 (silicone adhesive)1/4”40’
S837 (silicone adhesive)3/8”20’
S850 (silicone adhesive) 11/2”20’
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Physical PropertiesPropertyTest MethodUnit of MeasureResult
DensityASTM D 1056lb/ft22
Tensile StrengthASTM D 412psi
ElongationASTM D 412%
Compression SetASTM D 1056%
-Test D @ 158°F (70°C)<1
-Test D @ 212°F (100°C)<5
Compression Deflection
@25% deflection
ASTM D 1056psi9.0 (62.0)
Flame ResistanceUL 94
Flame Spread IndexASTM E 162LS<25
Smoke Density
-Tested @ 4.0 minutes<50
-Tested @ 1.5 minutes<20
Toxic Gas EmissionsSMP-800CPass
Water Absorption24 hours @ room temp1.4
UV ResistanceSAE J-1960No degradation
Ozone ResistanceASTM D 11710 (no cracks)
Corrosion ResistanceAMS-3568Pass
Dielectric ConstantASTM D 1501.42
Dielectric StrengthASTM D 149Volts/mil91
Dry Arc ResistanceASTM D 495seconds92
Volume ResistanceASTM D 2571014
Thermal ConductivityASTM C 518BTU in/hr/ft2
/°F (w/m °K)
0.63 (0.09)
Flex @ -67°F (-55°C)ASTM D 1056Pass
Recommended TempSA J-2236-67°F to 392°F (-55°C to 200°C)
Recommended High Temp482°F (250°C)

  • Combine foam lightness with seal of sponge rubber
  • Resist UV, ozone, extreme temperatures, corrosion, and flame
  • Prevent penetration of fine particles and wind-driven rain
  • Excellent memory and low stress relaxation
  • Medium firmness silicone available in red, gray, and black

Pres-On S800 Series Silicone Foam Tapes are ideal for sealing and protecting outdoor enclosures such as HID lighting fixtures, electronics cabinets, and HVAC units from environmental damage. These tapes are also recommended for isolating vibration in electronic components and vehicles.

  • HID Lighting Fixtures
  • Lighting Enclosures
  • Electrical Boxes / Enclosures
  • HVAC units
  • Vibration / Noise Dampening
  • Water-Proofing

Application Notes

Ensure bonding surfaces are well unified, clean, dry and free of dirt and oils. Apply firm and even pressure to improve adhesive-to-surface contact. Allow proper temperature and time to enhance bond strength as adhesive flows onto the surface.

  • Release Liner: Polyester Film
  • Other densities available (Minimum quantities may apply)
  • Custom die-cut shapes